Rental Gear FAQ

Our rental gear is available for registered Ramble Riders. Each rental is for an entire event, with pick up available at rider check-in. Rental gear is returnable on the last day of use.

We don’t charge a deposit but your rental agreement will include a required Credit Card form. This is for any additional fees deemed at the time of return. We’ll let you know before accepting the gear back.

Additional fees can be assessed for the following:

Cleaning fees
  • For items returned excessively wet or dirty, a cleaning fee could be assessed. The cleaning fee is $25.
Damage fees
  • If the gear is damaged beyond normal wear and tear, we reserve the right to charge normal shop rates for repair. If the gear is damaged beyond repair, the customer will be charged the full retail price less than the rental fee.
Lost equipment
  • For any items that are not returned, Ramble Ride reserves the right to charge up to the full retail value, less the rental fees already paid.


All rental gear is washed and sanitized before each use. Additionally, please follow the following guidelines:

  • All sleeping bags must be used with a liner. This is supplied and included with each rental. Liners are washed and sanitized after each use.
  • Tents MUST be pitched using the supplied footprint. Please make sure to check your area for objects which may damage the floor. Avoid pitching your tent under trees which may drop pitch or other items that could damage the tent.
  • No smoking of anything in tents.
  • Do not lay down bicycles on the drive side and make sure you lean on objects using a bag, handlebar or tire as a contact point to minimize frame damage.
  • If you’re using frame bags, please use a form of protection on the frame when possible. Ramble staff will have cling-wrap available for you so please ask.
  • Your bike was maintained after the last use, but make sure to do a quick ride checking shifting and brakes before setting out. If you have ANY questions about function, please ask.