Ramble Ratings.

We’re often asked how difficult Ramble Rides are. They are difficult. Riding gravel is more difficult that road riding which many riders try to equate. You’ll ride slower, and climbing is more difficult. Especially the more gear-loaded your bike is. And there is a lot of climbing on our rides. Weather too is always an issue especially in Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. It could be 100 degrees, or snowing. On any ride. And windy because you know, Wyoming.

We’ve started rating our rides to the measure difficulty. Two to four summits to let you know what to expect. A one summit Ramble? Impossible.

Four summits. Our hardest level. Average daily milage over 60. Total distance over 250 miles. Difficult climbs with total climbing between 75-100+ feet per mile. Ride has high chances for weather impact including heat and cold. Summits over 9K. Daily climbs between 6-9 miles. Several climbs over 10 miles in length. Multiple grades over 15%. May or may not move camps multiple times. Target rider is one who has gravel experience, and ability to ride multiple days of high milage and climbing. Average speeds between 10-14 mph.

Three summits. A typical Ramble Ride. Total distances under 250 miles. Average daily milage between 50-60 miles. Total climbing up to 80 feet per mile. Ride has fewer chances for weather impact, or swings from expected ride temperature. Has a maximum of two camps. Average speeds between 8-10 mph.

Two summits. A starter Ramble Ride. Can last shorter than four days, and targeted for under 200 miles total. One camp. This is the perfect Ramble if you’re new to gravel riding, adventure riding, or bike packing. The focus of these rides is explore your limits, and have fun on a bike while doing so with our best-of-class Ramble experience.


Don’t think Ramble Rides are easy. I’ve done three and they kick my butt every time.

Geoff C.

Rambler 2018, 2019, 2021