Summer Ramble 2.

August 31- September 3, 2022

Summer Ramble 2. Return of the Stoke. 

The Summer Ramble 2 keeps the ride going exploring Jackson County and the Routt and Medicine Bow National Forests. Fewer miles than our July ride, at 214 miles, there is also less climbing at 18,500 feet. This ride will still challenge you. It’s a Ramble after all. 

This Summer Ramble uses two campgrounds, both at lakes, with a two-night stay in Wyoming.

Daily miles and climbing on this ride:

  • Day 1: 52 mi. / 4,049 ft.
  • Day 2: 51 mi. / 4,639 ft.
  • Day 3: 51 mi. / 5,450 ft.
  • Day 4: 60 mi. / 4,822 ft.

A classic Ramble.

If you’re wanting to bike back, or carry gear, this is a classic Ramble ride to do it. This is a great Ramble for the stronger rider or someone who has been riding for some time. Three of four days are point to point, with one loop day. Loop days offer a chance to throttle back some and take advantage of a camp all ready set up. We rate a three summit ride. 

This ride begins in Walden Colorado. Three hours west of Denver.

Ramble Rides are an experience you won’t soon forget. Four days of fantastic riding, three nights of camping with friends. One amazing time.

  • A Ramble Ride is a catered and supported event. Want to know more about what a Ramble is? Check it out.
  • Camping is provided on the night BEFORE departure. Start locations typically have hotel accommodations if preferred (not included). We provide secure parking for vehicles.
  • All meals, drinks, and snacks are provided the morning of departure through arrival back to our start location—more about food on a Ramble. 
  • Route support staff varies with group size but typically four to five staff, including our lunch stop. Camp staff generally is an additional three to four staff. 
  • Riders are allowed an 80L camp bag for gear and clothing. We carry your bag to camps. Read more about it here
  • GPS files will be supplied to riders. Routes are marked, but GPS capability recommended.

A Ramble Ride experience is $900 for four days of riding.