Ramble Rides are a bit of a race antithesis: slow down and linger along the way. Enjoy being with friends. It’s the journey and all that. And it is this way by intention. But folks keep asking about a race, and we feel the North Park, Jackson County, and this area of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming holds some of the best riding anywhere.

So a race had to fit. And what fits is to tackle this challenge with what makes Ramble Rides fun: your friends. So call up your posse, form your squad, and get your team together for Race the Ramble Saturday, August 12, 2023.



Course: A race of 125 miles and 9.2K elevation gain. 77% unpaved at elevations up to 9.7K feet. We’re racing through some of the best of North Park and Jackson County. Racing is team-based with a focus on team reliance. Checkpoints have minimal aid supplies, and teams should carry what is necessary for 70 and 55-mile segments. 

Teams: Race the Ramble is a team event. There are two team sizes, two and four, with three divisions each: men’s, women’s, and open. Open category can be any mix of an individual. Single-sex categories are available to individuals who identify as such. Both rides in a two person team must finish for official time. Time is recorded from the last rider. Four-person teams will be timed by their third rider.

Two timed segments: Start to lunch and lunch to finish. Each segment has one checkpoint. Time spent at lunch is neutralized. All riders present to start a segment. Official times are the third or fifth rider’s time (category dependent). 

Lunch: We’ll have a full lunch available with plenty of options to rest up and fuel up for the next segment. Relax, get those legs in the river, stretch out and when you’re ready, get back out there. 

Prizes: Glory. But on top of that, we’ve got cool trophies in the making for category winners and beautiful parting gifts for second and third. 

The Route: The route is a loop from Walden. Access to the route details will be available closer to the event but don’t worry; Independence Mountain is still in there. Why do we hold back the route? For the surprise mostly. 



Walden, Colorado. Race day, Saturday, August 12, 2023. 

If you’re coming to ride in the Park, you’re coming to Walden. Ramble Rides have been coming here for eight years, and I always look forward to returning. Here’s what to expect for the weekend:

Lodging for Friday and Saturday nights:

Camping: Camping is provided in the Town Park, and a secure lot is available for vans and trailers. Showers are available at the County pool for a minimal fee to support the facility. Event toilet facilities are Porta Potties. 

Hotels and rentals: Walden has hotels and motel options and a few rental options on popular sites. Below are a few recommendations:


Friday night (8/11): We’ll start where all Ramble adventures start: at the Stockman. Part meet and greet, part rider meeting, all high fives. This back patio takeover is a Ramble Ride tradition and a great way to kick off the ride. 

Friday night food options are the Stockman’s food truck or restaurants along the main street. Please join us in supporting this community by supporting local businesses this evening. 

Saturday morning (8/12): Rise and shine and get ready for a traditional Ramble breakfast, with enough food to get you going. Our team has fueled thousands of riders ahead of big days on the bike, and whether you’re an early eater or someone who grabs and goes, we’ve got something for you. 

Depending on team makeup and event size, starts will be individual teams in timed increments or teams in waves. 

And when you get back? Get showered, grab a beer and a snack, cheer everyone coming in, or chill out with friends listening to the band because dinner is on the way. That’s right. It’s not a Ramble Ride without that last group dinner. Catered, and prepared onsite, we’ll wring out the last of the day with stories of adventures and days well spent. We’ll call up the winners and toast them, letting them cut to the head of the line. It’ll be fun, and we’ll laugh with their fortune until long stares at fire’s embers pause conversations. 

And when you want more as everyone starts to bed down, because it’s only 10 pm, go close that bar down. That’s a tradition too. 

Sunday: If you’d like to shake out your legs before a drive or want to explore, we’ll have a few ride options that take you to a new area of the Basin. Grab breakfast in town and make it a whole weekend.


Let’s do this. 

Hit the Bike Reg link below to sign up. But before you do, let’s get some things ready.

  • The team captain should sign up. There are no individual registrations. This person will be our contact, but you will be asked to include team member names.
  • The team captain is responsible for the team registration fee. While the $225 per rider fee is low, it’s a lot of money at team levels. Make sure you are communicating with your teammates regarding reimbursements. Unfortunately, we can’t take individual payments.

Registrants will receive a race guide with access to route files when available. 

Communication will be made for camping needs. Please note that van and trailer parking is first come, first served. Please do not camp in the neighborhoods for this event. 

Please book in advance if you want to stay in a local establishment. While Walden has several rooms, it’s not a lot, and they fill up in summer. 

Register below on Bikereg.



Race the Ramble is produced in partnership with Jackson County. A part of proceeds from this event will support initiatives to grow cycling tourism in this community.