Ramble Ride Food.


Ask any Rambler what they remember most about the ride and you’ll often get “the food” as an answer. Food is an important part of the Ramble Ride. Meal planning, preparation, and quality are what folks remember. We might also be one of the only events that caters to meals for vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and other allergies.

The important thing is you have enough of the right food for your ride.

Meals for a ride takes several weeks of planning, shopping and prep. All our food is fresh and made either at camp, or just prior to departure. Our focus is on whole foods, and limit processes or pre-packaged items. It takes a large staff to support our kitchen and camp so most Ramble volunteers will work here.




When you register, you’ll have the option to choose a meal type. Vegetarian/Vegan, or Gluten Free (Celiac), or medical allergies. You can put down a preference, but we can’t guarantee we can meet every non-medical need. We have full time staff that are Celiac so will have a good selection of Gluten Free options. Several weeks before the event, our Chef will reach out to confirm and get additional information on applicable allergies.


Lunch time.

You know those event aid stations with packaged ride food, orange slices, and high-sugar items? That’s not us. Keeping in mind that we serve you a full breakfast and have items at camp to grab for the road, we place our lunch around mile 35-40. Lunch is real food, made for you on site. Sandwiches, wraps, and even hot dogs (by far the crowd favorite). Soups if it’s cold, and always Mrs. Ramble’s homemade cookies.


Our camp experience is what sets us apart on the Ramble Ride. The quality of food we provide, and the care that goes in preparation is a sign of our care for our riders and the experience we provide. Come see.