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Our take:

The Ortlieb gear is bombproof, waterproof, and a good frame bag is a main part of a bikepacking setup. This type of bag, known as a top tube pack, is perfect for the Ramble when used in conjunction with a seat and handlebar bag. It also is perfect for everyday use, long day rides or other times when you need or want to carry a little more than just a bare bike. You’ll see folks rocking top tube bags a lot if you look around and perfect for a few cans of beer, a camera or phone (waterproof!), and food. While you won’t be able to stuff a jacket in here unless it’s a highly lightweight and technical one, bulkier items are easily strapped to the tie-downs on your other bags. A top tube bag is what I use on Rambles and for all my route scouting where I’m riding unsupported and need to carry more than my cycling pockets can carry. They’re also a great choice if you don’t want to give up your water bottles (common with a full frame bag), or ride a small frame size or bike with limited triangle space.

From Ortlieb:

The ORTLIEB Toptube Frame-Pack is the smart solution for all who want to use their frame’s main triangle for storage space without having to do without their water bottle. The solution also works for those who have full-suspension mountain bikes with limited triangle space. With its 4-liter payload, the Toptube Frame-Pack provides plenty of space for heavy equipment such as tent poles, tools and food supplies, while also helping to secure a low center for improved rising performance. And given that the bag and its zipper are waterproof, you can even cross rivers on your bikepacking tour without worrying about your stuff getting wet.

The Frame-Pack attaches easily to your top tube and seat tube with the help of sturdy and highly adhesive Velcro straps.

Further features:

+ Ideal for all bikes with limited triangle space
+ reflecting logo


Suitable for carbon fibre frame.

You can download a template to proof the size according to your bike:
Here template Framepack Toptube
(download PDF – print on paper (no scaling) and glue parts together)

See the full specs here.


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