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Our take:

The Ortlieb gear is bombproof, waterproof, and a good frame bag is a main part of a bikepacking setup. Frame bags like this are perfect for items that you’ll need to get at more readily than your seat or handlebar bag. In my packing process, this bag fits cooking gear, rain gear, first aid and all the other items that are needed but not a single category like sleeping or shelter items. They also typically contain your water source and it’s not uncommon to lose one of both of your water bottle locations with a bag like this. For the Ramble, you typically won’t fill this bag up and you could also choose the smaller and more streamline top tube bag for your on-ride essentials. If you’re planning further adventures however, this is an excellent bag.

NOTE: pricing is size dependent. Plus minus $15 for size medium. Get that here.

From Ortlieb:

Bikepacking is also about embracing minimalism. You head off on your bike into the great outdoors, away from it all for an extended period. The amount of gear you can take is limited! The ORTLIEB Frame-Pack allows you to exploit your bike frame to create valuable stowage. Thanks to its lower center of gravity below your top tube, the Frame-Pack makes for an ideal stowage location for heavy gear such as tools, camping stoves and food supplies. The proven, waterproof nylon fabric and the waterproof zipper ensure that your things remain absolutely dry even in the most inclement of weather. Mounting the Frame-Pack with the ultra-strong Velcro straps to the top tube, seat tube and down tube is a snap. The Frame-Pack is available in a 4-liter size and a 6-liter size – depending on the size of your bike frame.

You can download a template to proof the size according to your bike:
Here template Framepack L
Here template Framepack M
(download PDF – print on paper (no scaling)
and glue parts together)

See the full specs here.


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