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Our take:

Sometimes you might want to take a more traditional route for packing. Maybe you don’t want a heavy and bulky seat pack hanging off your seat post. Maybe you want to better distribute the weight on your bike, or run front racks on your fork. Well if you do, the Gravel Pack is for you. 25 liters combined, they’ll hold a lot of your extra gear. I toured Europe for a year with front mount panniers (and way-too-big rear) and can attest to the ease of handle due to keeping the weight lower on the bike. Can be used front or rear and a good 1-2 punch with the smaller seabag.

From Ortlieb:

Ideal for multiday tours and self-supported races, the ORTLIEB Gravel-Pack duo offers you a combined payload of 25 liters for additional gear such as mess kits, food and other “luxury” items. Mounting the Pack to your lowrider bike rack allows you to maintain a low center of gravity and undiminished off-road agility despite your extra gear.

While the Pack’s streamlined design – without inside pockets and a shoulder-strap pad – helps to keep it in the featherweight class, its lightweight, wear-resistant material withstands even the harshest of rock and gravel conditions you encounter on your way. And no matter how wet the weather, your things will stay dry thanks to the proven ORTLIEB-waterproof quality and roll closure.

With the QL2.1 system and two mounting hooks, the Gravel-Pack remains tightly attached to your bike rack while you ride over hill and dale on your gravel grinder, mountain bike or fatbike.

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