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Our take:

This is a great bag that like the top tube pack, will find it’s way into several adventures. Completely waterproof, it easily fits all bikes and protects your electronics and gives quick access to food and other small items. It’s on my bike for most gravel rides over 3 hours and I hardly notice it. It’s also great when using a handlebar bag (especially the smaller one) as it extends your packing space and ease-of-access for smaller items. I think it’s better to call this an “essentials” bag. Easy on and off so you can take it anywhere. Turn it into the most German of fanny packs! Also…being waterproof, it also keeps water in. Like ice for a few cold ones by the river. Not that I would have any first hand experience there.

From Ortlieb:

What should you do with all those small, but important extras on your bikepacking tour? The best place to put your snacks, smartphone, rain slicker and other items is in your ORTLIEB Accessory-Pack. This convenient volume expander for your Handlebar-Pack keeps your things secure, absolutely waterproof and quickly accessible at all times.

Use the metal hooks to securely attach the Accessory-Pack to the four points of attachment on the Handlebar-Pack. And if you don’t plan on spending the night outdoors and don’t need your Handlebar-Pack, you can still use your Accessory-Pack as a handlebar bag thanks to its pre-mounted Velcro straps. You can even use the carrying strap to transform the lightweight bag into a shoulder or hip bag.

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