Damn Ramble Rides are a lot of work! -Me.

Ramble Rides wouldn’t happen without the support of a lot of fine folks working for fine companies. If you’ve been on a Ramble you’ve heard my elevator speech about these rides: I was in the bike industry and dissatisfied with the general state of things. I was growing ever more bummed that the focus was on products and less on fun. That while race events have their place, there weren’t many challenging but non-competitive events. And not wanting to sound like a nostalgic old man, I missed the old days when riding was about, well having fun.

So here are the Rambles where fun is the focus. They’re still hard, I mean you’ll KNOW you did something tough afterward. But you’ll have fun doing it.

And how lucky are we that we have partners who feel the same way? So let’s talk about these fine folks:

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