Do you know the one thing most folks are picky about? Ride food. Too sweet, too bland, too hard, too soft, too nutty. Not enough nuts. Enter Honey Stinger. The one food that 98.9% of riders can agree on. Organic, Gluten Free, not too sweet, easy to digest, we love their products a lot on the Ramble. From the waffles to chews to bars to gels, it’s all good stuff and makes the core of our offerings and pairs well with other foods on the ride. And want to know a trick to help you sleep warmer? Before you turn in grab a Protein Bar and eat it right before going to bed. Grab another to keep by you if you are an especially cold sleeper. The extra food helps to “stoke” the metabolism fire keeping your body working and you sleeping warmer. Nothing worse after a hard day on the bike and sleeping outside than to wake up cold and with a growling stomach at 3 am.

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