How many times can one company save a life? If you’re talking about me, then exactly thrice. I love these products and especially the helmets. I have broken bones, smashed bikes and always walked away with nary a headache thanks to helmets that did their job. Folks don’t often talk about the tech that goes into helmets but at the top of the heap is Giro. And man do they look good.

The Giro Cinder is a great helmet for rides like the Ramble (what I ride); rugged, safe and affordable. If you’re interested in a more dirt-oriented helmet, check out the Fathom. What’s the difference? Styling for one. Dirt focused helmets often offer a little more coverage and a visor. Both types offer great protection and some even amp it up with MIPS technology. Lots of choices in shoes as well, from the popular Empire to the Terraduro. You’ll want to stick with a shoe that is easy to walk in as well as efficient for pedaling and both these models excel at that. Check out Giro for a whole line of helmets, shoes and other gear for your adventure with sales available in both men’s and women’s.

Giro is another company that has supported the Ramble by suppling riders with a pretty awesome discount online. We appreciate it immensely. So sign up, get your code and upgrade that lid of yours. Be fast like Nate.