8/1/2020 update

Hello, Ramblers.

Our July Ramble went off without issue. Even with mandatory mask-wearing, social distancing, and all the camp precautions. With the same precautions, we’re moving forward with our September ride, which has fewer riders than our July event, and far under the current maximum group size of 50.

Obviously, you are still able to defer if you’d like and this information is repeated in our direct communications. For many, the issue is not the ride itself, but the concern of travel to the event. If you have concerns, please don’t push against them. The ride isn’t going anywhere and we’d be anxious to have you ride with us in 2021 under better travel conditions.



7/1/2020 update

Hello, Ramblers.

As of July 1, both July and September Rambles are scheduled. We’ve received support and approval for our COVID plan from our Health Department partners, and limited registration to approved levels under Colorado’s state mandates for gatherings in order to gain event permits from all land partners.

You can still defer to our September event for July riders, or to 2021 events for all. Please use this link to notify.



4/24/2020 update

Hello, Ramblers.

Starting next week, Colorado begins a measured process of lifting some of the current isolation protocols, nearly three months ahead of our July event date. It is perhaps not yet time for relief, but certainly for optimism. Colorado, a large state with a relatively small population, is among the first of the states opening before May.

Where we stand: the Steamboat Ramble is still scheduled. With so many high-visibility events canceling, it is logical to ask why not us?

Using the most current information and data:

  • Our July date is far after the end date for shelter-in-place protocols by any state or community and after a phased reopening allowing small groups here in Colorado. We continue to have no restrictions that extend through July.
  • Many canceled events were either scheduled during shelter-in-place protocols or hosted riders numbered in hundreds or thousands. The July ride will be below fifty, including staff: below any expected or stated mandate or limitation at the time of the event.
  • We have submitted new guidelines for event sanitation and health to the Health Departments holding jurisdiction on our current permits and are working through those requirements with staff.
  • With few exceptions, we’ve not reduced our services to accommodate a smaller group: there will still be plenty of camp space and accommodations for distancing. 

All of us have been inundated with information, sometimes conflicting, which feeds emotions of the situation. Safety is paramount but also is the need to return to some level of normalcy. The decision to stay scheduled reflects the best directions given the event date, size, current information, and actions of our governing partners. It also takes into consideration what we can control with new protocols, limiting participation, and providing a safe participation environment that exceeds current guidelines. For those still with concerns, deferments or postponements remain an option. And we will continually revisit these decisions as the situation evolves.

At this time, our August makeup date is expected, but still under USFS review. If you are a registered rider and would like to switch rides or defer, please follow this link: 



April 4, 2020

Hello, Ramblers.

These are trying times for us all and unexpected. But I know we’ll get through this and back to Rambling, full time soon. With so much on all our plates, I did want to take a moment to update you on the Ramble Ride.

We have canceled our Women’s Ramble. I took this preemptive action given our ridership for this event is much lower than our other rides, and most participants had asked to postpone to another date.

We have not canceled our July event, though we are watching, assessing, and planning like the rest of the Country. Like many Summer events, especially those with a late July date, we don’t have any USFS or State/County restrictions that extend to July at the moment. But we are working to take care of our riders and team.

Here are what we’re working on and available options:

• We’ve halted registration for the time being. Should a July event be possible (i.e., “Stay At Home” orders lifted), our rider level is sitting just over 50. Similar for our September event. The reality is we won’t have the numbers of past events this year, as this has always been an important registration time. I want to ensure that in a best-case scenario, we’re giving those who have signed up a chance to participate and feel safe. Given our camping and route supports over 150 riders, 50 or fewer riders offer a lot of distancing options in the development of a post-travel ban environment. As we fall below 50, we’ll open enough slots to make them available. For later events, we’ll assess as necessary.

• We are reevaluating and preparing for a new sanitation reality. Ramble Rides have always passed stringent Health Code requirements, but there is still more to offer as a new reality becomes the norm.

• We’ve added a late August date: 8/19-22. This allows a possible postponement date for all or second date for those folks who might feel more comfortable waiting another month. I will be sending all current July riders a link to move via email. This will be the Fort Collins to Steamboat Springs route.

• Since all work on our October, Cedar City ride has halted, I am reserving that date for another postponement date for a Colorado Ramble. Disappointing news, but I don’t feel comfortable with a new event at this point and would choose instead to offer a Colorado event on a route we’re intimate with in case we need to provide a make-up event. TBD.

• Anyone can defer to any ride at this point.

• 2021 deferral is another option for anyone.

It’s a weekly reassessment at this point. I’m doing what I can to ensure that in the event the rides can happen, they do as safely as possible for all and with the most options for the riders that I can offer with the information we have.

Christine and I think of our riders and team very much as dear friends and family, and hope from our family to yours, that you are doing well during this time.