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Marcia H.
 Marcia H.
(@Marcia H.)

Hi. This sounds like a blast and an amazing learning experience. Wanting to make sure as a newbie it's an appropriate event for me to participate in. I read general Ramble info, but it looks like THIS specific one not require us to pack up each night as we will be returning to the same camp? And also confirming for this one there will be volunteers or guides out riding with us? I have basic trial side maintenance knowledge, but it stops there. How is registration to 70?  What's the name of the campsite please? Thank you!

Topic starter Posted : 10/01/2022 7:44 am
Jefe Admin

To add to my other response @Marcia H., yes, the Women's Ramble does not move camps after riding to the first one. This makes the ride a little easier in the mornings and evenings and we design this and our Fall ride to be more beginner friendly in this way. The Women's ride has the addition of a host of ambassadors who will be riding with the groups and offering their experience Gravel riding, and bike packing. We'll still have our full support staff on the route which includes a lead, lunch, and sag crew as well as a roving motorcycle support. As far as registration, yes 70 is our max and our Fall ride generally fills up, as do our July and August rides, but not usually until April/May. Women's rides do not fill up so far, and we typically host 35-40, so a bit more intimate. All of our rides are really social and you'll meet lots of great folks. 

Posted : 10/01/2022 9:22 am

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