FAQ. You have questions, we have answers. 

How much does a Ramble cost? Registration is $400. This includes all food and beverages for 3 days (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and ride food), camping and any transportation for events that are point-to-point. It includes all camp amenities like morning Yoga. It also includes exclusive discounts from partners and swag.

Can my kids come? Sorry, no. Our minimum age is 21.

Can I get a refund? Things come up. We get it. Because we book and permit far in advance and this is based on participation, we can’t offer a full refund but can offer a 50% refund up to 60 days prior to an event. Under 60 days we cannot refund your entry but can transfer your entry to another ride or to another person. Should we have a wait list (which we often do), we absolutely will transfer your registration to another rider for a full refund. We also cannot refund in the event of a natural disaster or other event-ending situation. We reserve the right to cancel an event, mid-ride in the case of a life-threatening or safety issue (ie. snowstorm, wildfire, etc.).

Can my spouse / friend / significant-other carry my gear? No. This is a bikepacking event. Not a bike porter event.

Can I ride an ebike? This is becoming an increasingly popular question. I can certainly see that for some, a pedal assist would make this event achievable. However, at this point, no ebikes. First, the distances are too far for current technology and we lack reliable power for recharging at most of the camps.

I’d LOVE to do this ride but can’t afford it at this time. You’re in luck. We do offer a limited number of work-your-ways. This means if you volunteer for a Ramble, we’ll let you enter another for free. Volunteering is a lot of work, but rewarding. We need all sorts of skills and you might work at camp, or come along in a support vehicle or maybe even help support on your motorcycle. If this might interest you, reach out. The need is very limited however so don’t wait. Email me at pdiscoe@gmail.com

Do you offer food for restrictive or non-meat diets? We do. Tanesha always has a vegetarian/vegan offering based on those that identify their need at registration. We also make sure that if you have an allergy or other dietary need we accommodate. It will be important to let us know when you register, however. Every year someone forgets so don’t be that person.

What are meals like? While many riders do bring some specific ride food like nuts, or other items they personally love, we try to take care of everything else. Breakfast has a lot of hearty items plus grab-and-go items for those that don’t like to eat first thing (like me!). And coffee…lots of coffee. Every morning we lay out a spread of ride food that you can grab in addition to breakfast items. Lunch is lighter and consists of sandwiches, fruit and smaller items that are easy to eat, carry and won’t bog you down mid-ride. There are always one or two additional aid stations and a “surprise and delight” stop that riders always love coming across. Dinners are full-on fares and you won’t go hungry. And if you are, just ask Tanesha for something else. Tanesha is a long-time backcountry chef, rider and is always one of the highlights of the event. Plus Larry.

What does “partially supported” mean? The intent of the Ramble Rides is to give you a sense of adventure. An average day is 7-9 hours on the bike in some desolate areas. This includes stops and lunch. Most riders only see the motorcycle support folks, so that means you’re riding mostly on your own. There is a lead vehicle marking the day’s course, a follow vehicle sweeping the course and minimally one motorcycle support riding up and down the event. For larger events, we’ll have three motorcycle riders with food, water, and some tools. Each ride has two medical support riders carrying their gear. In case of an emergency, they can be called to any location on route to assess and support as needed. Check out our section on what to bring for more info.

Why are the field limits so small? A lot of folks wonder why we limit each ride to 75 riders. In reality, it’s closer to 100 riders after partner entries, journalists, etc. In 2017 the largest ride was 98 riders. First, taking 98 riders over 200 miles for three days across several mountain ranges, all with varying levels of abilities is daunting. Second, we want to travel as lightly as possible and not overwhelm the campsites, communities, and landscapes we visit. Lastly, we want everyone to feel like they got to know everyone on the ride. Talk with past riders and the overwhelming sense of camaraderie is something everyone feels. That’s the magic of the Rambles: folks of all abilities and experiences coming together over three days of a shared adventure. Our final dinner always feels more like a family meal. Come ride with us and see what I mean.