When you come on a Ramble, you need to carry some of your own gear on the bike. But, you don’t need to carry it all, and the gear you don’t carry goes into your camp bag.

You want to bring a bag no more than 40-50L in size. How big is this? Think under-the-seat carry on size. We want them on the smaller side because we’re moving up to 100 bags each day. You also don’t need much, and a bigger bag just means you’ll pack it with too much stuff. The Ortlieb 49L Rack Pack is what we recommend.

But what if I’m traveling to the ride and have more stuff? As the Rambles attract more folks traveling to the ride, this is a common question. We do have storage at the start for those needing to leave bags, bike boxes, etc. All of this information will be included with registration materials. While on the ride however, we ask you to stick with the requested duffle size.

A 40L bag works well for the event and what I use. 40-45L bags are common.

So what goes into this bag? Well that’s up to you. Some of it depends on your level of desired comfort. Some if it depends on which Ramble you’ve signed up for. Early season Rambles might require some extra clothing and rain gear. Summer Rambles, a swimsuit.

Below is what I bring on a typical Ramble.

  • Some warmer items for the evening. I bring a wool shirt, down jacket, and some sort of pullover.
  • A couple of tee shirts.
  • Shorts, pants and a swimsuit.
  • Extra socks.
  • Undies.
  • Hat.
  • Gloves.
  • Mess kit. (DON’T FORGET!)
  • Tolietries.
  • Towel.
  • Extra ride clothes.
  • Shoes.

A 40-45L bag holds all of this with room extra for personal items that you may need or want. Some folks bring warmer sleeping items, a pillow, etc. This size duffle or bag has room for that and space to shed some of the ride clothes I would normally take on the route if the weather was good. Some folks carry their mess kit on the bike. Either is fine.

Keep in mind that this bag goes camp to camp so there is no access during the ride. Make sure you have any needed medications or other items with you on the bike. Also, put your name somewhere on your bag. While you will get a luggage tag, these can come off in transport.

Have any more questions on what you should bring? Reach out or comment below.